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Case Study - Suntrend Partnership with Guardforce

Suntrend Technology is proud to be selected as an overall HRM solutions provider to Guardforce. The company was founded in Hong Kong and expanded to other cities and countries such as Macau, Thailand, and Australia. With our new partnership with Guardforce, we displayed our ability to assist International Corporation in performing HRM digitalization.

This is a new chapter for Guardforce, transitioning from a traditional system to an advanced one. GoHRM is selected to create a comprehensive human resources system for the Guardforce group to enhance their current digital human resources practices.

It is a sizable project providing a comprehensive human resource management system with a large proportion of our modules and even mobile application is mobilized. With GoHRM, we are able create an effective working environment for employees in Guardforce. We will continue to give our best effort to support our clients and provide superior services.

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